Shibuya: Shibuya109 - Sales, Lucky Packs: Liz Lisa, Doll Kiss, Sarah Zodiaque, Tralala, SBY

I'll skip our trip to Fuji-san for now and I'll show you pictures from our trip to Shibuya's summer sale, as it ends in a couple of days. Just let me tell you - your make-up can never be too much in Shibuya, and you can never be stylish enough. The concentration of girls looking as if they jumped to life from magazine pages steeply rises as you get nearer to Shibuy109, where there are only model-like girls. And the shop assistants don't even look human anymore - their heels are sky-high, their make-up mask-like and their hair either fake or styled carefully. They look like dolls. Anyways, just enjoy the beauty of clothes and accessories and I might toss in some comments later on. Also, Shibuya109 is NOISY. There are shop girls shouting on top of their lungs, loud, and I mean l-o-u-d music everywhere and tons of screaming high school and university students. I've even seen some poor boyfriends and mums being dragged along.

Breakfast to get strength for whole day of shopping. I got some green tea cake at the uni co-op.


Etude House


I couldn't decide between these two, in the end I got the white pair, since I already have 3 pairs of pink shoes.


Doll Kiss Lucky Pack with stockings and socks - for contents scroll down.

Liz Lisa - they had only one 5000 Yen lucky pack left, and me and my roomie got it! Yay! For contents scroll down.

Also, they were giving out fans. My roomie holding our lucky pack and a fan. ^^

BTW, all of the shops wre so pretty! So many of them had crystal chandeliers, sofas, decorations... 

We didn't buy this one, since 12000 Yen is a lot, even if you get 3 tops, 1 dress, 2 bottoms and a box.

And then I noticed there were signs "no photographs". Oh well. 

There's a fabric store basically right in front of Shibuya109.

My outfit - dress worn as a top, skirt, belt.

500 Y/m

Uuuh, so not my style! My half of the LP is on the bottom two pics and I plan to try to sell it. It was 1500 Y >.<

2000 Y

2000 Y

Sarah Zodiaque lucky pack was just 500 Y though and amazing!

My roommate's

Doll kiss lucky pack - 1000 Y

My half

Liz Lisa lucky pack - 5000 Y, bag, dress, bottom, shirt.

Shirt - roomie

Lol - it was clear this was going to be hers, I look creepy.

Dress - me (it fit me better, but I still feel guilty I got the one piece)

Skirt - my roomie didn't like it. Neither did I, but I think I'll figure out a way to wear it, it's a bit troublesome since it's below the knee.

Bag - roomie

In one store, your discount was determined by lottery. I drew 50% off, so I gave it to a girl who was standing in the queue as I didn't want to buy anything in the end. 

Green tea ice cream, sour cotton candy. The freezer at Iidabshi Flexstay Inn doesn't actually freeze, so it was more like soup.

Yours truly happy


  1. ahhh striped dress really suit you :)
    so much nice photos and fashion, i think i would become crazy if i would be in Japan like you hahaha :D

  2. I loved the heart shaped sunglasses at the store, they were so funny!
    Very nice shopping, I am glad you had some good fun!

  3. Youre soo lucky!! I wish I can go back to japan!!! I miss Shibuya :')

  4. Shibuya seems to be a perfect fit for you and your feminine style. How was the sizing there? I first heard about Liz Lisa through xiaxue.blogspot.com, and it's ridiculously cute.



  5. Wow, this place is just like shopping heaven! There are so many things to see and buy!
    Thanks for sharing all these pictures and... I am so jealous of your bow sandals and your dotted dress, they are perfect!

  6. I can tell you are in paradise, dear Vita. There are so many things that are so you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I wish I was there too.

  7. Oh I wish I got the striped dress and that skirt! I bought a Lucky Pack from Liz Lisa online and the only thing I liked was the top. Any chance you'd consider a trade for one of those items?

    1. Hey! I'd happily get rid of the skirt, I commented on your blog. :)

    2. Hi there! I replied to the comment on my blog.

    3. Would you sell your skirt? What is the max waist on it?

    4. Hi, gladly. I'm not sure about max waist... I have 65 cm and it fits nicely, so I'd say 70? I can measure it when I get home (10th August). I can't find stock info though :/

    5. Thank you! I'll wait for you to measure the waist.

      The sad thing about the tweed skirt in my pack is the fact that I like the look but it won't fit my hips either.

    6. Sure, I'll do it first thing when I unpack. :)

      Yes, it's really cute, but 90 is way too small. >.<

  8. This place is absolutely amazing. Everything is so great and pretty. What a lovely striped dress!

  9. looks like u are having a blast shopping in tokyo!! the malls in japan are totally madness during sale time. the usually sweet & demure salesgirls overnight turn into pretty doll-like amplifiers! LOL!!! i agree with u the girls in tokyo are very pretty & well dressed. therefore, every time when i'm visiting tokyo, i'll try to dress better than my usual-tourist-self. lol.


  10. There are so many fantastic elements here. What really stands out to me is the polka for dress. That's pretty much my perfect dress. Also those ice cream cones in the beauty packs are so sweet. I've never seen anything like that before.

  11. How sweet ^^ It's like going on the journey with you ^^
    I really love that hoodie you got *08 ADORABLE!!!

    恵美より ♥

  12. Sooooooo cute....i want the rabbit umbrella ♥

  13. Ty jo, to jsou parádní obchody, tam bych to snad vykoupila :D A to jsem si nikdy nemyslela, že bych byla na takovou hodně "sweet" módu :D Ty černé šaty s puntíčky ti neskonale sluší, jako by byly šité přímo na tebe! A ta jedna žlutá kabelka s krajkou, tak tu musím mít! Asi si tam pro ni zajedu xD

  14. Můžu říci jen to, že ti nehorázně závidím :D

  15. Thanks everyone for the comments! <3

  16. Lucky you to get the Liz Lisa one piece in the lucky bag ^_^ I bought it too! Paying something close to Yen 5000.

    I am a big fan of Liz Lisa and I am having a Liz Lisa dress giveaway. You can check out my blog: borniilove.blogspot.com