Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Daiso 105 Y Store, Donkihote Groceries, Mags and First Two Days at Todai

So, after events in the Sunday post, I headed back and tried to find Hanamasa supermarket and Uniqlo, but failed, however I found Donkihote store instead and I got some cheap groceries - 3 packs of microwave-ready rice for around 150 Yen, miso soup for about 50 yen/cup, Curry rice pack for 100 Yen, Noodles for around 80 Yen, onigiri for 70 Yen and matcha for around 400 Yen. I visited a magazine store (location and opening hours on photos) and got Hanayume and L’arme ((Hot Pepper Beauty is free and I found it in the subway). Then I proceeded to the Matsumoto Kiyoshi drugstore right at  Harumi-dori and got some skin care - cleansing wash, lotion, gel/cream, body lotion, hand cream, oil blotting papers, shampoo and conditioner, pore stripes, sheet masks, mascara, cotton tissues and some free samples. And in the end I went to Maruetsu and got discounted bentos - so I had dinner for less than 200 Yen (40 CZK/2 USD) and breakfast for Monday for half that price.


I was completely dead and actually, my whole body felt like it would fall apart - next time I have to be more reasonable.

Breakfast <3 

On Monday, we headed to Todai together (Iidabashi -> Todai-mae station -> walk through the main gate -> walk straight -> turn a bit to the left) and received some advice from S-san. She explained about things like earthquakes and also about the field trip. Then we had about 40 minutes free, so we went to see a lake in the middle of the campus. At noon, we had a reception where we introduced ourselves and met people from our hosting labs. As for me, professor Fukuda couldn’t make it, so I met one M1 student and also one postdoc I believe. I was shown around the building, I got my own desk (how nice!) and was released to go home at 2 p.m. actually. On my way I got two magazines again and after coming back, I arranged to go grocery shopping with J and D. We went to the Daiso 105 Yen store at the Iidabashi station and I got some stuff there - gifts and a couple of things for myself - I won’t post the gifts yet since I don’t wanna spoil the surprise. Then we went to Miuraya, an expensive grocery store where I got just some discounted sweets. I also bought Ageha and the we tried to find Tesco, but it was probably closed down. Then I persuaded the girls that Maruetsu petit had 50% off bentos in the late evening, so A who speaks Japanese really well asked at what time do the discounts start and staff replied basically “we have no sales, I’ve never heard that”. But guess what? We came back before 10 p.m. and got onigiri and amazing bentos for 50% off, so apparently they either lied or misunderstood before.  

At Todai campus


Anyways, my feet and my whole body hurt really badly, and my throat is funny because of the air conditioners, probably. I just hope I won’t get sick.

As for Tuesday, my roomie arrived at like 1 a.m. and gosh, she’s the most amazing girl I’ve ever met, she’s super nice and she shares my passion for food, clothes, cosmetics and taking pictures of everything <3. We went to Todai together and we had a quick orientation tour around the campus - we saw the gym, the library, dining halls and other important buildings. Afterwards, we went to the 1st Refractory (Chuoshokudou) for lunch - you just select the food you want from the fake models, put money in the ticket vending machine, get a meal ticket and then head over to the counters. Green and black tea is free! I got “Mini Don” which had miso soup, rice and yakiniku, but I couldn’t finish it, it was way too much food even though this was the smallest lunch set they had. It was really cheap too, just 310 Yen.
Our breakfast - how awesome is this for 400 Yen (half price ^____^)


Daiso haul - glasses case, socks, bow lace, pen, cleansing wipes for glasses, plaster, bath salt, journal, raincoat with insulation

Onigiri, croissants (half price both), sweets and tea

Then I went to my lab and I got to meet professor Fukuda, who gave me 4 research topics to choose from, and I picked the LHW signalization pathway, my supervisor gave me two articles to read and I think I might start practical work on Wednesday. We had a lecture about String Theory by associate professor Tachikawa and I have to say he’s one of the most charismatic lecturers I’ve ever seen. Not to mention he’s crazily smart and has perfect English.

In the evening, we had a dinner event where we met people form the 1st crew, foreign students and also some Japanese students who wanted to meet us, and I got to talk to many cool people, we had lots of fun. Unfortunately, I’ve pretty much lost my voice (I sound like an old smoker) and I haven’t been hungry at all, I only ate like 5 potato chips for dinner and I got a rice cookie later on. That means my kJ intake today probably as low as 4000 kJ, which is sorta worrying. I have no idea why I have no appetite. >.<

Cardigan worn as a blouse

Yours truly


  1. Jak jááá miluju, když někdo píše z cest, když je v zahraničí ♥
    ta kosmetika, časopisy..všechno...moc pěkný, mi přijde, že v Japonsku a jiných asijských zemích umí prostě věci víc dekorovat (např. vzhled časopisů, kosmetiky, oblečení) než tady u nás (takové strohé to je tady)

  2. ah jealous! all the cosmetics and food look so pretty! haha I want to go back to Japan...

    Metallic Paws

  3. Trošku jsem se lekla při "disocunted bentos", raději bych to opravila :D
    Ale piš prosím dál, je úžasné to číst ^^

  4. Oh how great to hear from you from the other side of the planet! :D I loved the photos and the text, I can see you are having a great time and you are doing exactly the same thing I would do in Japan - eat-shop-travelling-a-lot! :D
    have a great week!

  5. Teda, ten kampus vypadá nádherně! Je vidět, že si to tam opravdu užíváš, tolik zážitků! To jídlo taky vypadá dobře, i když si nedokážu představit, že bych si dala k snídani sushi :D To bych pak už taky neměla po zbytek dne žádnou chuť k jídlu :D