Review: Epinse Hair Removal for Face (by Noble)

 OK, this tool looks obscure, And actually, it IS obscure. The purpose of this thing is to help you remove whatever facial hair grows on you, including peach fuzz. For many years, I wasn't really aware of having thin, pale hairs on my face. Until
1) My brother joked about me having a moustache (I DO NOT!!!!)
2) I read a mean secret on gyaru_secrets where someone bashed a girl for having facial hair.

Anyway, that wasn't exactly why I purchased this thing - I mainly got it for eyebrow maintenance. Moreover, I heard that plucking hairs in places where it grows because of hormones is not wise, as plucking increases blood flow into that spot and hormones are carried by blood, therefore increasing the growth of the hairs. But I have zero knowledge of human physiology, so you better do your own research into this topic. 

This tool has two parts:

1) A rolling spring for plucking out fine hairs. You push this spring against your skin and roll it against the direction of hair growth. The hairs get caught between the wires and by rolling the spring, you pluck them out.
Now, this part works quite well. It has no problem catching peach fuzz and can get rid of a lot of hairs that grow between your brows, and it's not that hard to manipulate it.  

2) Tweezers. The tweezers are completely, 100% useless for plucking out hairs. But I suppose they could suffice for deco den. 

6.40 USD at sasa.com

My Opinion:
I wouldn't re-purchase this thing again, because the tweezers are useless and I don't really feel like de-hairing my whole face with the roller. Next time, I'd rather invest into good tweezers as these make brow-shaping close to impossible.  

Yours truly


  1. How interesting.
    I think most women have peachy hair.
    How are your exams going???

  2. HAHAHAH ok this may not be the most usefull thing in the world but you have to admit it is pretty funny with its happy face and funny design! :P I think it's funny to have just for the design;) have a great weekend!

  3. hmm, vypadá to dobře a asi je to rychlejší než pinzeta :P

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