Packing for Tokyo - UTRIP: Tips for Gifts

I'm extremely excited for my journey to Tokyo. I travel quite a lot, but this will be my first trip outside Europe. It will also be my longest flight (Prague -> Dubai: 6 hours, Dubai airport: 3 hours, Dubai -> Tokyo: 10 hours), but I've survived bus and car rides that were longer.

Just like last year, I'd like to show you how to create tons of outfits for all sorts of weather with very few pieces of clothing, share some universal flight/holiday packing trips and also some things specific for Japan and for a research internship. I'll start with gifts:

Based on the advice I received, local sweets are very good, because they can be shared among people at the lab/workplace. Something that can be hanged on the wall/kept as a decoration is also nice (traditional art etc.). Bath products and stationeries are not bad either; the same goes for decorative handicrafts, books and music. I was also told to prepare a separate present for the professor, as he’s the most important person in the laboratory. Don’t forget that especially in Japan, you should pay attention to the packaging - presenting something crimpled in a Tesco bag is rude. You can see the stuff I decided to present and the way I packed it - I hope the pink package for the secretary who’s been taking care of us for the whole time isn’t too OTT. For the professor and all the people in the laboratory, I opted for a parchment-like paper, out national colors, Prague sketches and medieval vibe. I also prepared several very small gifts I might use if I need to - chocolates and CDs.

Yours truly


  1. I wish I could go in your pocket.
    Take me in your heart, and enjoy for two.

  2. Very pretty packaging Vita! Chocolats are great presents and stationary too, one can never have enough stationary & chocolats! I love the illustrations ;)

  3. yes, they really pay a lot of attention to packaging. everything must be either pretty or cute, whether it is a gift or an item for sale. i really respect them for that. and they have to be the most polite people on this planet ♡ i may be going to tokyo next month... but still pending. well done on the gifts u have prepared for them. i'm sure they will appreciate your gesture & effort. have a great trip dear.