Profiteroles (Or - Not So Fancy - Cream Puffs)

I think everyone has already seen this sort of profiteroles impaled with a stick. I found a basic recipe in a Czech mag and decided to give it a try. Unlike the original recipe, I decided to actually fill the puffs with cream as well, which is pretty easy. First, simply make small cream puffs according to whichever recipe you fancy.

While the puffs are cooling down, prepare the cream. I went for my traditional mascarpone + whipped cream + vanilla sugar combo. Once the puffs have room temperature, put the cream inside a decorator/pastry bag and use a long and relatively thin tip (but the cream still needs to be able to get out). Then pierce the puff midway with the tip and push a bit of the cream inside. Then, melt chocolate and prepare decorations, put each puff on a stick, cover it in chocolate and decorate.

I think they'd make a cute addition to a potted flower gift.

Yours truly


  1. This looks so delicious and pretty. Love these photos too.

  2. adorable Vita! I can't wait for my exams to finish so I can start experimenting with baking again!

  3. not only does this sound super yummy but it's so pretty! such great decorations! :)

    Metallic Paws

  4. u made the profiterole pop?!! it's so cute. i don't quite enjoy making profiteroles as it's quite tedious, having to cook the dough over the stove, piping & all. however, i love eating them. hahaha. chocolate eclairs, cream puff & ice cream profiteroles, i love them all.


  5. Chjo, musím je už konečně taky zkusit upéct.. Pořád se chystám na něco podobného a nakonec vždycky skončím u muffinů nebo sušenek :D