A Piece of Cake (or Not)

Coming up with at least a teeny tiny bit interesting outfits in this parody on spring is not exactly a piece of cake. So of course, if you happen to have a brilliant idea how to dress nicely while being able to come home after a class ending at 7:30 p.m. without provoking some creep to rape you (aka without wearing a mini and heels), you end up having exactly 7 minutes and 36 seconds to take outfit pictures. At least no one can blame me for wasting my life by parading myself in front of a camera. And speaking of cakes, I had to juggle with a bunch of boxes throughout the whole day as I wanted to bring some treats to the lab, but had to go to uni first. I spent the whole morning imagining how I slip and fall right in front the lab door. But I didn't, and therefore if you read about a Czech lab dying from food poisoning, pretend not to know me. I'll give you a tutorial for the cutthroat candy in a future post.

I got this beautiful lavender pants in a second hand shop just the other day - if you happen to have a crossover between hourglass and pear-shaped body, I suggest your first stop while pants-hunting is a second hand shop, as there are hundreds of different cuts so you have a high chance of getting one that fits nicely. It's hard to say because I'm wearing the knit (also second hand) over the waistline, but it hugs my figure pretty well (it could be a bit tighter in the waist area, but I learnt to be happy as long as the trousers doesn't fall dow to my knees).
In general, I feel self-conscious about wearing pants as they are merciless when it comes to my thighs and hips. On the other hand, pants seems to me much safer for the times when you hang out till dark as they don't attract that much erotic attention, especially considering the usual length of my skirts.

Just in case it's not totally obvious, I went for wine, lavender and brown color combo.

Ewww, so messy -____-

But the idea was - if you don't have a matching headband, wear a matching scarf! (That is, if you have one.)

Pants: MAC (second hand Textile House)
Knit: Banana Republic (second hand Muj Sekac)
Scarf (head): Tie Rack, gift
Other scarves: off brand
Bracelets: Promod + inherited
Bag, shoes: Deichmann
Gloves: off brand
Coat: F&F
Dog: designer, annoying

Yours truly curvy (in pants)


  1. OMG VITAAAAA YOUR DOG IS MY FAVORITE TYPE OF DOOOOOOGSSSSS! Mine is very similar to yours, only smaller XD (hahahaha just like a baby) I LOVE LOVE IT Right now I look like a little girl full of excitement!
    Anywayy of course this is not about the dog! XD The colors you are using are actually my type of colors (: and unlike you, I always wear pants because skirts make me feel self conscious of my legs! :x

    I do love your bracelets and I love the fact you buy things second handed, like you say, there is a lot more diversity and you can really find thar "uau" piece!

    Have a great week dear!

  2. It's a very nice and stylish outfit. Love these combination of colors. Your accessories are so pretty too.
    Très mignon ce chien!

  3. Hey hun!
    I just found your blog and I love it!
    check my blog if you want and maybe we could follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and FB!
    Just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!


  4. Your outfit is super pretty and elegant, I like the colors a lot! They all match together <3