Taiga Expedition

After coming home from uni, I decided to do a report about my explorations of the taiga in our backyard.

Po návratu domů z fakulty jsem se rozhodla udělat krátkou reportáž o tajze u nás na zahradě.

On my way, I befriended some wild animals.

Cestou jsem si ochočila nějaká divoká zvířata.

Dress/šaty: HM (Dresden)
Boots/boty: Deichman
Coat/kabát: HM (Angers)
Belt/pásek: second hand
Collar/límec: HM
Brooch/brož: inherited/zděděná
Headband/čelenka: Takko
Backpack/batoh: I Am
Totebag: DIY 

I tried to test my thermoregulation ability (it’s very low).

Otestovala jsem svou schopnost termoregulace (nic moc).

I found some berries that seemed like they could be eaten (it turned out they came from some hi-tech greenhouse in Spain later on). Poor Mary and the Twelve Months, if she lived nowadays, getting strawberries in the middle of winter would require just a trip to the nearest supermarket.

Našla jsem jakési plody, co se tvářily poživatelně (a ukázalo se, že pocházejí z nějakého vymakaného skleníku ze Španělska). Chudák Maruška, kdyby žila dnes a musela sehnat jahody uprostřed zimy, stačilo by jí zaběhnout do nejbližšího supermarketu. 

I tried blending in with the nature (and failed).

Pokusila jsem se splynout s přírodou (marně). 

And I seriously wanted to send some wild animals flying well beyond the polar circle. (Just kidding, I love my dog even if she destroys my clothes and tries to lick my face when I’m wearing make-up.)

A vážně jsem měla chuť jistá divoká zvířata nakopnout tak, že by letěla až za polární kruh (Ne, mám naši fenku ráda, i když mi ničí oblečení a olizuje make-up z obličeje). 

Yours truly


  1. Oh..i love ur floral backpack a looot, where did u buy it? this days i am really into wearing backpack...

    1. Thanks, replied on your blog - but "I am" at Anděl if you look here first :)

  2. Great outfit in the snow. Your outfit is so pretty and this style is perfect on you. Love your coat.
    What a cute dog!
    Je veux le même chien.

    1. Thank you :) Haha, you'd change your mind if you had my dog.

  3. You're like, the Queen of cute outerwear - I've never seen anyone with such a great collection of beautiful jackets and coats!

    That dress is so beautiful, it reminds me a bit of those mori girls (I hope this is the right term? I'm so bad with subcultures and young people stuff. BRB yelling at kids to get off my lawn) but in like, a cleaned up, elegant way - it goes perfectly with the rest.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this account of your adventures in the Taiga my dear ^.^

    1. Oh, Inever thoiught it could look mori, but you're right, I guess it might have that sort of vibe, thanks!

      And I wish I had cuter outerwear, I guess I'd have to sew something myself :/

  4. Such adorable pictures! The outfit is very beautiful! I really like how you payed attention to the details! And what a cute dog! :)


  5. Oh really cute photographs.
    beautiful coat.


  6. your dress is so cute & vintage looking! u look lovely in it with the fur collar.


  7. Tu es adorable!
    I love your coat and it matches your fur collar perfectly <3

  8. You are brave wearing that gorgeous thin dress in the snow, like a true fairy.
    I love the touch of the collar.
    Adorable indeed.

    1. Thanks so much! It was rather warm that day though :)

  9. Ty šaty jsou kouzelné a pro ten chlupatý límeček mám prostě slabost :)