Hair Issues

I just made an appointment with my hairdresser and I really don't know... I wanted to try growing my hair long again, but I'm getting frustrated. I haven't touched a hair dryer for 6 months, I'm using gentle shampoos and eating properly and my hair is just as fine as it always was. My hair is long enough to be pulled back and when I tried that, I had about four times less hair in the ponytail than most people. Which means that even if I grow long hair, I won't ever be able to pull it back without looking like I had no hair at all. I'd have to wear it down all the time. So I wonder if it's worth it... Below is a couple of pictures with me and my hair at various lengths... what do you think I should do? Cut it pixie, keep it around my curent length or try growing it for a bit longer?

Short hair pros:
I think my face is soft enough not to look manly with short hair
Balances out both heavy make-up and extra girly clothes
Survives everything
Is still more original than long hair
Conceals the fact that my hair is genetically horrible
Looks good even if I don't have time to wash it properly
I'll make my hairdresser happy

Short hair cons:
My family will nag at me all the time, because they forgot they told me I looked horrible with long hair as well
I'll never get married because men hate short hair
I'll never get married because men hate short hair (counts twice because it's important)
I'll be told not to wear girly clothes because it doesn't go with the short hair
I won't be able to do updos
I'll waste pretty much my last chance to grow long hair because my family thinks older women shouldn't wear long hair
I'll envy all my long-haired friends


Around my current length


Truly desperate


  1. I think the pixie cut is the cutest!

  2. I like the pixie cut the most as well! You look very feminine even in such short hair, don't worry :)

  3. short hair suits u really well!!
    u look so chic with that.

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  4. Hi Vitaaa! How was the exam? I hope it turned out great! I like to see the short hair but I totally understand you; when I cut mine some months ago, I also felt all the girl with long hair were prettier and that I wasn't very feminine. I think that every now and then you should let it grow, if not just to make different hair styles and have some fun with the hair (:

  5. Thanks girls, I decided to cut it just a little bit for now. :)

  6. Opravdu zvláštní, ale ty nejkratší vlasy Ti sluší nejvíce.. Nechápu to, já bych vypadala s tím samým účesem strašně :D
    Ty přitom vypadáš opravdu nádherně

    1. Děkuju, ale nemyslím si, máš hezký souměrně obličej a dlouhý krk, i když by to byl asi nezvyk, ale určitě by ti to slušelo. :)