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Did you really think that the limit of my horrible posting schedule was posting an article half a year late? Well, it's almost time for my next trip to Berlin, as we go there every year in early March, and I'm posting about the trip to Berlin last year. Actually, I already wrote about shopping in Berlin, but I saved the cultural part for later, and later became eventually really late. As I already wrote (a year ago), this time I concentrated mainly on shopping. On the other hand, for this upcoming march, I plan to visit more sights, depending on how much time I'll have. 

Berlin wall

After the wall was pulled down, a couple of panels were kept standing and decorated by various artists.

Arkaden - Potsdamer Platz
Right, two years ago, there was the devastating tsunami in Japan. I remember that since we didn't watch TV in Berlin, it was my father who phoned me to tell me about it, and I was really freaked out and called my ex-boyfrined (though at that time, we weren't dating yet) to ask if he was alright. And since he didn't reply, I couldn't decide whether he was asleep (as it was around 4 a.m. in Japan) or if he was in the affected area. Fortunately among all the misfortune, Osaka was completely alright. Anyway, last year in March, it was exactly one year after the catastrophe, so there were panels about the renovations.

Trabi Safari
I can see how it might be fascinating for the westerners, but being from the Czech Republic, seeing a Trabi doesn't excite me at all, lol.

Are everywhere in Berlin.

I was scared even walking past this building, but I heard that some of the girls who went on the trip as well went in. Courageous. 

I'm still not 100% sure what it is. I think it's a temporary preview&information center for the planned Humboldt-Forum in Berlin Castle. There are interactive exhibitions (about culture, science, Berlin...), terrace with a wonderful view on Berlin, a cafe and restaurant, a souvenir shop. Germans are really good at making modern exhibitions and futuristic settings. It would be certainly facinating if libraries and universities looked like the insides of Humboldt Box. On the other hand, I guess I kind of prefer this kind of libraries

The view from the terrace.

The cafe

Some more viewing.

Futuristic exhibition of culturology and other sciences.

Uh, we had hundreds of dead animals, insects etc. in high school (most of them as old as our school - over 150 years) and even though it was very fascinating and useful during biology lessons, I never really liked seeing or touching those dead creatures, they looked really sad. And I remember we had to draw them during some of the lessons, which meant staring intently on the jars and so... @shivers@

Mini-Berlin! How cute, right?

Yours truly


  1. Beeing a huge fan of miniatures, miniberlin is super cuteeeee! I loved all the photos, special the wall ones, I think there is no better way to use parts of it than to produce beautiful art so you can transform something horrible into something pretty. The pink cake looks delicious thanks for sharing all the amazing photos!

    On other note, I am very glad you received my package. I wasn't sure you would like it! Off course the mirror and the tissue holder are made by me and the yo yo flowers it's for you to use in one of your projects so I can see them here :D It's like a co-DIY! :D I simply love the concept and I hope you'll do too! I'm still waiting for your package but don't worry the post office here often takes a lot of time (:

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think it was a great idea to paint the wall too. I'll take tons of photos this year too ;)

      Sure I love it! I was so happy you made such pretty things especially for me <3

  2. I love the sweets and treats pic. And the overall atmosphere in mesh with the architecture of the place. And mini berlin! ;) cute

  3. I have been in Berlin for so many times and it's till easily my most favorite European city!


    1. Now I agree, though I really hated it when I came there for the first time, some 7 years ago. :)

  4. Berlin is still on my to-go list. I heard it's culture is really rich and your post confirmed it :)

    1. Yes, it's totally worth a visit (or more), there are countless things to do!

  5. wow, interesting photos, i want travel too :D hahahah