Merry Silly Christmas!

Wheew, blogger seems to be flooded by last-minute Xmas posts, because uploading pics took me like 3 hours >.< Well, I officially wished you Merry Xmas already, so if you're wondering how I spent the Christmas day, go right ahead. ^^ I'm not in the mood to write in Czech, so I hope my Czech readers can put up with me m(_  _)m.

My mum baked a giant challah (if that is the right word), it's a typical Czech sweet bread we make for Christmas. It's not the healthiest food ever, so I just got one slice, and ate some low-fat strawberry youghurt with banana and dark cocoa. I was trying to read the magazine about cooking, but my brother kept snatching it from me, claiming one doesn't read while eating. It's not like he was worried about my manners though, he just likes to bully me because he's bigger. It turned against him when he hit his head at doorpost ( ̄ー ̄). He was super mad because our parents wouldn't let him wash his hair (because the spot he hit was bleeding a bit), so he refused to be taken pictures of, and he spent the rest of the day taking embarassing pictures of the rest of us, bothering me while I did my nails, and generally being very Grinch-like.  

I used Xmas gifts as decorations, because people are gonna tear the wrapping of within a milisecond, so at least I can admire the beauty of my gift-wrapping skills (just kidding XD).

Getting ready, scaring the heck out of my family.

Nails inspired by Pearl's tutorial. OK, hers are much prettier, but I tried, OK?

And my silly Santa costume. Sure, we don't have Santa but Baby Jesus, however I couldn't take pictures for blog wearing diapers, right? I might be competely crazy, but the Santa mini top hat is a gift from my mum, so obviously I inherited it from someone.

Dress: La Femme Mimi
Faux collar: HM
Bow clip: Vietnamese shop
Pumps: Mixer
Santa mini top hat: ?

As you might have already noticed, my family tolerates my blog, but if I tried to take too many pics, they'd probably kick me out and have me eat the Christmas dinner with the dog. Oh, actually they took the dog inside, so I'd be alone. I mean, I was only allowed to take pics of the Christmas food.

So, first dinner:

Potato salad (made by my mum)

Candlestick (made by my mum). Oh, it's just a deco, we don't eat that.

Our Christmas tree - the decorations are anywhere between 100 and 1 years old, and were randomly placed by my dad and brother. We don't really bother with the catalogue-like matchy match design. I actually think there's a saying in Czech "to be colorful and blingy like a Chritmas tree". But maybe not.

So the food. I fried the Schnitzel. We don't eat carp (because my mum has an immense fear of fish bones), so it's pork. And since my mum hates the smell of fish, the soup is beef bouillon.

I don't have any pics of my second dinner, but it was carp soup (it was really good, but I had to try quite hard to swallow some of the fish viscus), fried carp and papaya (no, papaya is not a traditional Czech fruit, but if you knew my uncle, you wouldn't be surprised - he fed me with chips when I was barely a few weeks old and seafood when I was like 1).

I don't want to brag about the gifts I got (that's not to say that people who post about their gifts are bragging), so I'll show you just four - the best one, the sweetest one, the cutest one and the most surprising one.

1) The best gift this year was...
A stick blender! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ
Gosh, I've wanted one for like forever. Finally I can make creamy soups easily! I'm probably weird, but out of all the gifts I got from my ex, I liked the tamagoyaki pan the most too, lol. I've been thinking about a rice cooker abd pot for making kimchi too... 

2) The sweetest gift: simple Chocolate fondue pot!
It's really cheap too, so if you have a Nanu Nana store nearby, you can grab it for under 4 E. Now I just have to dig some strawberries from under the snow. Wait, there is no snow.

3) The cutest gift: Ado Mizumori diary

It's just perfect! Just look at all the pictures, I had a hard time not just taking a pic of every single page, it was so irresistible...

4) The weirdest gift: Choi Si Won's autograph!
Well, OK, it came with a SuJu CD. He's the only member of the group whose name I know, because he happened to play in three dramas I've seen, so I kinda remebered. I have no idea what's written on the card, maybe something like "Hey stupid fangirl, you have no idea what this text says, do you?". In any case, am I the only person who finds the group's booklets disturbing? Why do they have to include almost solely pics of the guys being half-naked? I mean, I know I'm probably a prude, but I don't really want to ogle them (-_-;). So, my Christmas wish for next year is: SM entertainment, buy some clothes for your artists, OK?

Well, all in all, it was quite an uneventful Christmas, so I have no funny stories for you 「(゚ペ). Let's hope for a crazier Xmas next year (^.-)

Yours truly


  1. Hi Sweetie! I am very glad you liked your christmas! I am liking mine too! I also got a chocolate fondue cup ^^ I'll tell you if I make something great with it!Keep on with the good days! (:

    1. Thanks! <3 Oh, can't wait to hear how yours works :)

  2. very cool video (or is it GIF) at the top! How did you do that with the hat?


    1. Thanks! The hat is actually automatic, it sings and moves when you push the button in the front. XD

  3. I love the gif picture! so cute!
    Stick blender is soooo useful! I make mash potato with it too. :p
    Have a very happy Christmas! <3

  4. Vidím, že nejsem jediná z koho si dělají legraci že bych měla nosit spíš plínky, když už chci vypadat Vánočně :D Taky holduju spíš santovským oblečkům ;)
    Jo a to úvodní video je super! :)


    1. Děkuju :) Tak to je vtipný, jenže on vážně outfit ála Ježíšek moc vyrobit nejde. XD