11 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Vita And Therefore Never Bothered to Ask

Thanks so much, Sara! <3

11 Facts About Vita in Vitro
1) I’m such a boring person that I actually can’t think about anything to write. Let alone 11 things.
2) Vita is my real name, but it’s so unusual people always assume I’m a drama queen with a stage name. I have to carry around multiple identification documents in case I get checked, because my name looks too suspicious.
3) I’m asked what’s my hair color’s name all the time - it’s called “mum’s and dad’s genes”.
4) I’m blind as a bat but I hate my glasses, so I prefer to bump into things and bother everyone around me to read stuff I can’t see for me.
5) I always wonder if people who live with their partner put on hand treatments (with gloves), sleeping packs smelling like bouillon and regenerative eye patches. And if they do, how they manage to keep the above mentioned partner.
6) I put on make-up even to take out the trash.
7) I’m called the “brass mouth” because I can wolf down spicy meals that make other people cry without blinking an eye.
8) After weeks of persuading me to sing along with my piano playing and me succumbing to the request eventually, my piano teacher agreed it was a bad idea. She estimated that with years of work, I could probably get about 5 tones right.
9) I absolutely love presentations and public speaking, much to the horror of the people who happen to become my audience. If you want to talk, you have to physically shut me up.
10) My voice sounds like the voice of a 13-year old girl on helium.
11) Everyone knows I sew my own clothes and make whatever is makeable, and I’m always embarrassed when I have to admit I’m wearing an outfit that was purchased head-to-toe.

Sara's questions:

If you could pick any job in the world, what would it be?
Not 100% sure yet, I’d love pretty much anything from nutrition to food production to anti-aging research to cancer research to cosmetic chemistry to a lot of other science related positions. If it earns me enough money not to have to steal my E.coli’s LB medium for lunch, I’ll be happy.

What is your favorite food?
I love trying new flavors and new kinds of food all the time, there’s nothing I’d be able to eat 24/7 and live off it without going crazy. In general, I like both traditional Czech dishes and other countries’ food.  

What is your favorite clothing?
Skirts and dresses! The more frills the better. And the cheaper the better.

Which is the country you would really love to visit?
Belarus, Ireland, Romania, Macedonia, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan... I’d love to see as many countries as possible, however I’m a scaredy cat and there are some countries that despite having awesome nature/culture/shopping malls are slightly tourism-unfriendly.

Do you exercise each day?
I try to, unless I’m sick or super busy or super lazy! 20 minutes of spinning a rhythmic gymnastics hoop around my waist and 40 - 50 minutes of stationary bicycle cycling - the only time when I allow myself to watch silly TV shows. Also, as I usually perform these activities in the late evening and my windows face the street, I’m probably mistaken for a mad ghost by the neighbors. Plus dance yoga once a week, which I am extremely bad at, just the other day we were compared to “a crane drinking from a well” My crane was somewhat warp and the thing that it drank from the well certainly wasn’t water. ^^;

What is your favorite clothing brand?
Handmutilatedmade by me. :) I can’t really decide; I shop wherever there are sales at the moment.

 What kind of music do you like?
Pretty much anything cheesy - indie (all time fave: Deine Lakaien and Hannah Fury), Korean and Russian pop, sometimes Japanese rock, sometimes Irish folk songs. And what’s on European and US charts at the moment.

What is in your head at the moment?
Blank. I’ve just spent three days in a row baking sweets, so I’m high on sugar.

What are your plans for the winter?
Prepare for Christmas, study, work on my thesis, study, apply for MSc, study, don’t go crazy from studying. Oh, and not to freeze to death.

Hot sun or snow?
Sun! Snow is OK as long as there’s a window separating the two of us.

 You prefer pens or pencils?
Pens. My usual handwriting is really messy, but I’m a calligraphy geek and have quite a collection of pens. :) I only use pencils for sketching and tracing and chewing (just kidding, I’ve never understood the appeal of munching on a piece of wood and pure carbon).

And now, the next couple of victims and their questions:

1) The weirdest compliment you’ve ever received?
2) What do you wear on your bad days?
3) The thing you love the most about yourself?
4) What always makes you happy?
5) What were you scared of as a little kid?
6) Favorite quote?
7) Favorite pizza seasoning?
8) Is there someone you admire (as a role model/exceptional human being)?
9) Do you believe in love at first sight?
10) Is there a language you really want to learn?
11) Favorite book as a child?


Yours truly


  1. Ohhh I love this! ^^ hahahaha I'm also pretty bad at yoga XD but I love it and I came to the conclusion that I just do what I can and that's it! hahahaha I am a stationary freak also! XD

    I just loved to read your answers, thank you so much! Oh and I would love if you could send me that article! you can send it to bichinhosnacabeca@gmail.com

    lots of kisses and thank you!

    1. Yeah, the same here - I just enjoy it despite looking horrible. And thanks so much again for the award.

      I'll try to get to scanning it this weekend, but if I happen to forget just remind me! I'll write it down in my diary though...

  2. you do some great exercises! no wonder you keep in shape :)

    oh btw thanks Vita for the tv show suggestions! I've watched a bit of Liar Game too. but I found it quite intense and mentally challenging haha!


    1. Thanks :) If I managed to keep away from sweets, it would be even better. XD

      You're welcome, yeah, the show was pretty intense at times, but I've seen worse ones, there was one about a teacher whose daughter was killed by her students...

  3. Hi VIta! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I put yours on my blogroll yesterday ^_^

  4. Oooh thank you so much for the award :D I love your questions, and I love talking about myself (of course!) so I wish I could make a post about them but I already wrote about this award on my blog^^ I do appreciate you nominating me though, and your answers were fun to read!

    re: the 5th fact about you - see what I did was I made my partner wear/use that stuff, too. Like if I put on some weird face mask or used some smelly lotion, I told him he needed it, too, and made him suffer with me. That way he couldn't say anything because he looked/smelled just as bad.
    Then again, I've been single for quite some time now so maybe that was a bad idea...

    1. Haha, too bad, but it's no wonder you were nominated before, your blog is amazing. <3

      Haha, that sounds like a fun thing to try, once I need to that is. XD My plush sheep doesn't seem to mind. :)