RSSA, Day 1 (7/1/2012)

I decided to post the Angers series only in English, because I think it makes more sense. If you want to ever participate in RSSA, you have to speak English anyway. And these posts are so long, I’d die if I wanted to write them both in English and Czech. And I speak English all the time, since we’re only 2 Czech girls here, we often start talking to each other in English or French, since it’s just so crazy. I’ll post the articles about every other day from now (I finally got my internet login details), and I hope you’ll like them! I pray my writing skills will get better during the two weeks.

The first day of my journey was actually very adventurous. When I arrived at Airport Ruzyně, the queue for check-ins was about a kilometer long. However, when the crowd became so nervous, that the possibility of us marching to the gates and taking down anyone trying to prevent us from doing that arose, they opened 4 more counters and I managed to board on time. I happened to be positioned between two foreign gentlemen (a French one and an unknown one). My right neighbor, that is the French gentleman, was really nice - he offered to help me with all kinds of things, chatted to me in English and he gave me his cookies. I must have looked really hungry, because the other gentleman offered to give me his as well.
Unfortunately, nothing interesting happened during my journey via TGV.

When I arrived to Angers, there was already a small group of students from other countries - two Croatian girls, a fellow Czech girl, a boy from Malaysia and a Spanish girl. We were picked up and accompanied to the dorms by two awesome and super sweet French students, who have been really helpful, even though we keep pestering them with annoying questions and requests.

Here are some pics of my room. It’s certainly unusual. Especially the bathroom is very futuristic. (I certainly hope I won’t live to see this kind of future though.)

After getting used to our cells, trying to persuade the fridge to not just get super warm outside, but also at least a tiny bit cold inside and asking if we could get any pillows and being told we should have brought ours, we decided (that is, the Spanish girl and me) to go out and get a dinner, because we were sick of sandwiches, which is the only thing you can buy at Sunday in Relay shops. We found a nice restaurant and ordered some pasta, which was delicious but the portions were way too big and I tried L’eau de sirop violette as my drink. It tasted basically like a bubblegum lye. I know I look like a ----- ---- in these pictures, the light is horrible and so is my regime.

Skirt: New Yorker
Cardigan: H&M
Pumps: Mixer
Necklace: inherited
Bracelets: Bijou Brigitte, second hand
Bag: Carpisa

Afterwards, we went around the city for a bit. Everything was closed, but there seem to be some major sales going on. One of the first shops we encountered was an otaku and japanophilic paradise. I promise to go check it out later. I also took some pics of pretty buildings and parks which I plan to explore later on.

The most adventurous thing today was actually getting back to the dorms. You can go there with several bus lines - 1d, 4 and 6. Seems pretty cool, right? However, 4 and 6 don’t go on Sundays. 1d comes only twice an hour after 9 p.m. and only once after 10 p.m. and then it stop until morning. We sat at the bus stop, waiting for the first 9 p.m. bus. It didn’t come. Since that’s something one is used to from Prague, we waited for the next one. We were pretty nervous (and cold) though and my companion noticed a tiny yellow poster stating (in French) that on Sunday 1st of July, the bus goes through a closure of traffic and we have to go to a different station. We run there only to see the second 9 p.m. bus leave. So we waited for an hour, praying the last one would really come. It did, which was awesome, but we got lost about 10 meters from the bus stop. Fortunately, it seems that no one has a worse sense of orientation than me, so she figured out which way to go. I tried to consult google maps, but the disgustingly expensive and unfair travel and surf T-mobile package refused to work. Awesome.
Anyway, we got back safe, sound and probably tired enough to sleep well even without a pillow.

Here is a bonus picture of the mags I bought to shorten my 4 hours long waiting for the TGV.

Yours truly


  1. It reminds me of my journey to Ireland, I went there on my own and it was the first time I flew by plane. You experiences sound like real adventure :D You look sweet. I wish you good luck to other days!

    1. Thank you! Wow, I'd love to go to Ireland as well...

  2. so nice! I really like your room actually :) is it a students' dorm? I'm gonna look up rssa in my university;)

    1. Yes, it is. :) I've gotten used to it, so now I kinda like it as well...